The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and FICO today released the first national cybersecurity assessment at the Chamber’s Seventh Annual Cybersecurity Summit. The U.S. Chamber’s Assessment of Business Cybersecurity (ABC), powered by the FICO®Cyber Risk Score, measures the cybersecurity risk of the entire business community and risk across key sectors. The ABC provides actionable intelligence for businesses, which will help them improve their individual cyber risk profiles and help strengthen the cyber readiness of the nation.

Quarterly Assessment of Business Cybersecurity gives businesses a benchmark for assessing their cybersecurity risk; first results show an overall score of 687 out of 850 for U.S. businesses

  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and FICO have released the first national cybersecurity assessment, benchmarking the cybersecurity risk of key industry sectors
  • The Assessment of Business Cybersecurity (ABC) shows significant differences across sectors, and across organizations of different sizes
  • The ABC is based on scoring more than 2,500 U.S. companies using the FICO® Cyber Risk Score, an empirical standard for assessing cybersecurity risk
  • The U.S. Chamber and FICO are using the ABC to raise awareness of cybersecurity risk levels, and to provide an ongoing benchmark for tracking trends in cyber threats and encouraging improvement in organizational cyber posture

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Source: FICO; U.S. Chamber of Commerce