FICO 200 135FICO Data Management Integration Platform analyzes data in stream to accelerate timely and actionable insights and decisions

FICO announced the launch of FICO® Data Management Integration Platform, a streaming analytics and real-time distributed processing platform that ingests, normalizes, correlates and distills Big Data as it is being generated.

FICO Data Management Integration Platform provides a solution to deliver timely and actionable insights to the new breed of applications that need to respond to what’s happening now and anticipate what will happen in the future. The platform collects, filters and aggregates batch and streaming data from hundreds of sources and analyzes it on the fly, providing applications with greater agility and responsiveness to deliver the highest-impact decision when and where it matters.

FICO® Data Management Integration Platform is currently available. The platform is part of the FICO® Decision Management Suite, a cost-effective and easy way for organizations to evaluate, customize, deploy and scale state-of-the-art analytics and decision management solutions.

Source:  FICO Press Release