FICO Xpress Insight Empowers 8+ Million Python Developers to Foster Collaboration Between Data Scientists and Business Users, Drastically Accelerating Project Deployment

Using FICO Xpress Insight, Python Developers Can Help Business Leaders Make More Informed, Data-Driven Decisions

  • The addition of native Python support to FICO® Xpress Insight enables Python’s 8.2 million users to empower business professionals with easy-to-use applications that can execute sophisticated analytic models.
  • With FICO® Xpress Insight business users and analysts can work with any advanced analytic model in business terms to perform simulations, compare scenarios and visualize outcomes to make better informed decisions.
  • Python developers can now build and operationalize Python based models all within a single framework, reducing time to deployment by orders of magnitude.

FICO, a global analytics leader, has announced it has added native Python support to FICO® Xpress Insight. Xpress Insight enables data scientists to quickly build and deploy any advanced analytic or optimization model as a powerful business application. 

Across industries, data scientists create powerful models to solve complex business problems. Yet, according to most industry analysts, more than half of data science projects are never fully deployed. FICO Xpress Insight helps translate between the data scientist and the line of business user by taking highly complex analytic or optimization models and turning them into simple point and click applications that help them make real business decisions.

The newest update to Xpress Insight enables the 8.2 million developers that use the popular coding language Python to rapidly build business applications that can execute sophisticated analytic models. Getting analytic applications into the hands of business users allows business leaders to make more informed decisions, perform simulations, compare scenarios and visualize outcomes.

FICO® Xpress Insight is part of the FICO® Platform, a decisioning foundation critical for enterprises’ digital transformation. The platform is designed to eliminate data siloes and enable interoperability between enterprise applications. By connecting data-derived insights from disparate business units, enterprises can respond quickly to customers’ immediate needs and anticipate their future demands, resulting in deeper, more engaging customer experiences.

Source:  FICO Press Release