FICO Debt Manager 9 puts more power in the hands of front-line business users to meet business goals and preserve customer relationships

FICO (NYSE:FICO) announced the release of FICO® Debt Manager™ 9, an end-to-end collections and recovery solution that transforms the way creditors connect with their customers and collect debt. The new version, based on a fully configurable, scalable architecture, gives collectors the most up-to-date customer information, the most effective collection strategies and the most expedient way to contact each individual customer.

Shifting cultural attitudes about debt repayment, increased competition among creditors for payments, and the drive to preserve hard-won customer relationships mean that collections is increasingly seen as a customer service function. Debt Manager 9 is the most comprehensive analytics-based solution built to address all of these factors.

With real-time updates, users can confidently guide each and every customer interaction. Because users can modify strategies themselves, without IT intervention, they can fine-tune treatments to specific customer profiles and needs, rather than relying on crude, one-size-fits-all segmentation.  In addition, FICO Debt Manager 9’s integration with FICO® Adeptra® Risk Intervention Manager allows users to reach more customers more effectively using mobile application, voice, SMS, web or e-mail, thereby increasing their success rates.

Source: FICO Press Release