FICO_LOgo 300Predictive analytic and decision management technologies key for card-linked offers industry

FICO (NYSE:FICO) announced that it has joined The CardLinx Association (CardLinx) to collaborate more closely with other technology platform providers, merchants, digital publishers, payment networks and banks in promoting the growth of the card-linked offers industry.

CardLinx develops industry standards that make deals and offers easier for consumers and merchants. A card-linked offer associates a consumer’s credit, debit or other payment card with a specific merchant offer or deal. By linking the payment card, the consumer no longer needs to clip coupons, present vouchers or remember codes. The consumer simply uses the registered payment card and automatically receives the discount on qualifying purchases.

Founded in October 2013, CardLinx is the leading association for the card-linked industry.  The nonprofit group brings together such global leaders as MasterCard, Discover, Microsoft, Facebook, PayPal and First Data to develop industry standards that eliminate friction for consumers and merchants. Today, CardLinx members serve or represent more than 6 million merchants, have issued more than 1.9 billion payment cards, and serve consumers with more than 200 million card-enabled accounts.

CardLinX-Logo_170x110About The CardLinx Association:  The mission of The CardLinx Association is to increase interoperability and promote growth in the card-linked offers industry. On behalf of its members, the non-profit association develops and institutes common business practices and industry standards to minimize and eliminate friction in the sourcing, serving, publishing, redeeming and cross-syndicating of card-linked offers. For more details, please visit

Source : FICO Press Release