FICO 200 135FICO® Decision Central™ gives business the ability to record and store decisions so they can be reused, modified and improved over time.  FICO Decision Central manages, audits, reports and updates decision logic and predictive models.

Analytics software firm FICO (NYSE:FICO) unveiled FICO® Decision Central™, a unique solution that provides end-to-end analytic model and decision logic governance, a central repository for decisions, and advanced workflow management. FICO Decision Central enables businesses to improve business performance by capturing decisions so they can be reused, modified and improved overtime.

“Businesses make thousands of decisions each week, yet unless those decisions are captured, stored, reused and improved, their value is greatly diminished,” said Stuart Wells, executive vice president of products and technology, and chief technology officer at FICO. “FICO Decision Central enables our customers to treat their decisions as assets, and use them to systematically improve business performance.”

FICO Decision Central is a natural successor to FICO® Model Central™, a solution developed to help financial institutions meet the increased regulatory requirements to document decisions made throughout the development and use of predictive models. FICO Decision Central expands these capabilities to the entirety of the decision process, enabling businesses to capture all of the decisions that they make. From data quality testing through model development, implementation, deployment, validation, and updates or replacement, FICO Decision Central provides an audit trail for the development, evolution and management of decisions, enabling easier, more streamlined compliance. Performance monitoring allows organizations to review and refine decision quality, enabling them to make consistently better decisions over time.  FICO Decision Central also supports champion/challenger (or A/B) testing to continually test and improve the analytic and decision making process.

Available via FICO® Analytic Cloud, Amazon Web Services or as a private cloud or on-premises deployment, FICO® Decision Central™ is part of the FICO® Decision Management Suite 2.0.

Source:  Fico Press Release