According to Outsell Inc. the Financial Times had acquired Assanka, an application developer that has played an integral part in developing some of its mobile platforms.  The relatively small acquisition drew significant attention.  The FT has had remarkable success in making the transition onto smartphones and the iPad which is all the more notable as it did so by pulling its products out of Apple’s massive distribution network and instead going it alone.

Ned May, Vice President & Lead Analyst writes in his recent insight: “As another round of new tablets are getting introduced to the market in hopes they will be able to displace Apple and more recently Amazon from the top spots, Outsell is reminded that the race to mobile is transitioning into one that resembles a marathon and not a sprint. Such a realization holds important implications for how publishers prepare their own operations to compete. In this latest move by the FT, we again see the actions of a company that understands that need.”

Source: Outsell Insight 2012-01-20