Rubique Ties up with CIBIL to Allow Easier Access to Credit Score Checks

Fintech company Rubique has announced its partnership with CIBIL, India’s premier Credit Information Company (CIC) to provide credit scores and valuable insights on its platform, thereby increasing the transparency in the conventionally-opaque credit-seeking process for its users.

This is the first ever tie-up for CIBIL with a fintech company like Rubique. It is part of the Rubique’s vision to educate the population of India about the significance of credit scores in determining their credit-worthiness, and to enable them to better understand their eligibility for loans, cards, and other financial services.

“By integrating our platform with CIBIL and providing deep analysis on user’s credit scores, we not only increase transparency but also improve our ability to offer them the best options through our proprietary AI-driven recommendation engine, leading to a win-win scenario for everyone,” said MD and CEO, Rubique, Manav Jeet.

By rating individuals and their credit scores across six criteria which include utilization of credit limits, credit mix, repayment history, credit application, recent enquiries, and loan settlements and rating the user for each criterion, the analysis will help them understand their credit score and take remedial steps to improve it.

This data will also be used by Rubique to provide customized offers to individuals based on their credit scores and the credit score cutoffs for financial institution, thus ensuring improved chances for approvals for Rubique users.

“Given that CIBIL’s goal has always been to drive faster and cheaper access to credit, this partnership will not only help drive consumer awareness about CIBIL Scores but also help consumers make the right decisions while applying for credit” Hrushikesh Mehta, VP and Head Direct to Consumer Interactive, TransUnion CIBIL added.

Source: Outlook India