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PINTEC is an intelligent financial services technology platform. We use big data and digital technologies to provide effective financial solutions for consumers and small businesses. PINTEC drives new financial product opportunities by expanding access to financial services for consumers, mitigating risk by decreasing human interference, and breaking down historical financial market barriers.

PINTEC creates innovative financial services solutions for the digital economy.

Launched in 2012: A group of good friends from the Finance, IT and Internet sectors set sail on an entrepreneurial journey.   76hui is launched as a credit information platform focusing on outsourced due diligence and data services.

2013: Jimubox is launched as an online loan marketplace.


  • Completed US$10 million Series A financing led by European VC fund Ventech Capital.
  • PINTEC launch Dual Core Strategy
  • Raised US$37.19 million in a Series B Financing Round led by Xiaomi and Shunwei Capital.


  • Raised US$84 million in a Series C Financing Round led by UK listed Investec Bank plc.
  • DUMIAO enters the market for online consumer loans.
  • Hongdian Fund(fund sales company ) starts to operate.


  • PINTEC Group Launches Intelligent Financial Services Technology Platform. Wholly owned subsidiaries include Dumiao, Xuanji, Hongdian Fund, Jimubox, and 76hui.
  • XUANJI enters the market for robo advisor solution.
  • Muffin Insurance(online insurance company) starts to operate

Company address:  216, 2/F East Gate, Pacific Century Place,  No.A2 N. GongTi Road, Chaoyang,  Beijing. PR CHINA  –