SizeUp-logoFinTech Startup:  SizeUp
San Francisco, CA

  • What it does: SizeUp helps banks empower small business customers to make smarter decisions through big data.
  • Why it’s hot: Banking small businesses is difficult, and providing customized services to the diverse industries that these businesses work in is even more challenging. SizeUp empowers banks to address this problem. The bank becomes a valued partner in their business customers’ success, with data-driven insights to help the companies succeed. The product is designed for bank customer acquisition and retention, introducing bank products at key decision points in the business lifecycle, and increasing customer engagement.
  • Customers: Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, U.S. Small Business Administration, U.S. White House.
  • Bottom line: All banks are trying to better serve/grow their small business market, and SizeUp provides custom service and value to each of a bank’s small business customers, online through automation and algorithms.

Source:  LinkedIn