Forrester recently issued a highly relevant report with its predictions for 2019 on the important topic of Artificial Intelligence.  We recommend to order this report (Click Here). 

Why Read This Report?

Your enterprise AI journey is going to be a rollercoaster. You want immediate rewards from AI but realize the risks. You will overcome yourcautious cynicism by overplanning. You’ll dive in anyway and dabble. You’ll make rookie mistakes.  You will think of quitting. But you’ll strive on to reap tangible benefits and bragging rights. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen firms learn to fail fast with AI initiatives, but 2019 will bring a more refined approach to going after the AI opportunity. 

CIOs: Read the five predictions that will guide your data, talent, automation, governance, and machine learning (ML) decisions.

Key Takeaways:

Rise Above The AI Washing; Don’t Let It Stall Your Adoption

It’s everywhere. You can’t hide from it, but you can’t ignore it. To rise above the AI washing, plan to ground your AI road map in addressing both short-term, incremental improvements and longterm, moonshot plans.

AI Will Be A Critical Part Of Your Technology Innovation Chain

AI is an umbrella term that represents multiple technologies, such as ML or natural language processing (NLP). This concert of technologies will lay the foundation to combine with other emerging technologies to create breakthrough opportunities.

Members should dive into to commentary:  Since your business is all about data and insights we at BIIA are not surprised that the topics about data and data quality comes up first:

  • Data doldrums will continue to drown the majority of firms embarking on AI. The No. 1 challenge for AI adopters is quality data
  • Enterprises will compete to use AI in the race for AI talent
  • RPA and AI will join forces to create digital workers for more than 40% of enterprises
  • A fledgling supply-side market will surface for explainable AI
  • Ten percent of firms leveraging AI will bring human expertise back into the loop

Source:  Forrester Research  –  a member of BIIA