Forrester-Research-Inc.-logoCMOs Must Partner With CIOs To Lead Data Innovation

 Forrester published recently a brief on ‘The New Art of Data’ stressing the point of digital customers, channels, and competitors are putting pressure on firms to leverage more, and messier, data to arm their products, employees, and operations with digital capabilities.

But being “data driven” isn’t purely a technology challenge, and it’s not just an extension of business intelligence. Being data-driven also doesn’t mean using data only for marketing performance optimization. The most innovative data-driven enterprises recognize that insights are scattered throughout — and outside — their organizations, and that the data they collect may even result in a new revenue stream or spur a shift in business models.  This brief describes why forward-thinking chief marketing officers (CMOs) should partner with their CIO peers to lead data innovation, or risk obsolescence.

Courtesy of Fatemeh Khatibloo with Srividya Sridharan, Sheryl Pattek, and Rebecca McAdams; Forrester Research.  To order this report click on this link