New Debit And Cash Cards With Display And Keypad Provide Unprecedented Levels Of Security And Functionality

Dynamics Inc. and GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd. announced plans to introduce the first battery-powered, interactive debit and cash cards to the Japanese market in 2019.

The new card features unprecedented levels of security with a touch-sensitive keypad and digital display on the card.  A consumer enters a pass code, known only to the consumer, into the keypad on the face of the card.  The correct pass code turns the card ON so that it can be used in any swipe, tap, or insertion reader via a magnetic stripe, contact or contactless EMV chip.  Entering the correct pass code also activates the card’s display to show the consumers payment card number.  The cardholder can select on the keypad whether or not a debit card or a cash card is to be used.  In doing so, the card provides both debit and cash functionality on a single card.

This card works with the existing payment infrastructure and merchant systems (terminals and the like). Consumers may use the card wherever Visa is accepted.

Dynamics Inc. CEO Jeffrey Mullen announced, “We are very pleased to work with GMO Aozora Net Bank on delivering such a revolutionary payment experience to the Japanese market. Through this new card, we shall provide new convenience and security to the Japanese consumer, and together with GMO Aozora Net Bank we will deliver further value into the future.”

About Dynamics Inc.

Established in 2009, Dynamics has three business operations: cards, processing, and mobile payment. The Company’s card division has alliances with financial institutions in Europe, US, and Asia; the processing division has an alliance with a major Canadian financial institution, and the mobile payment division has an alliance with a major mobile handset carrier of Korea. The company executes product development to match the needs of respective countries around the world. In addition to its global headquarters in Pittsburgh, Dynamics operates multiple manufacturing facilities, personalization facilities, and data management facilities, with its APAC headquarters in Singapore, LATAM headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and EMEA headquarters in New York. More information on the company, its technology and products can be found at

About Dynamics K.K.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamics Inc., Dynamics K.K. was established in 2017 in Koto-ku, Tokyo, it is a Japanese corporation that supports issuance of cards.

About GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd.

Established in 1994, and reborn on July 17, 2018 as a joint venture company of GMO Internet Group and Aozora Bank, GMO Aozora Net Bank is a technology bank that’s changing the way people bank and manage their money. People access their money via a beautiful website, apps and ATMs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company will become a platform bank that provides white label payment and financial infrastructures for all corporate industries, like internet domain and server infrastructures.