The ability to draw deep customer insights from Big Data and bring them rapidly into operational decision making is transforming the discipline of marketing. Today marketers have the opportunity to understand customers at a depth that harkens back to the past of neighborhood stores and local banks. To have a deep, relevant and constantly improving dialogue with these customers. And to do so at an immense scale.

Leveraging new technologies, marketers can now make relevant personalized offers to individual customers in the manner and at the moment most likely to elicit profitable responses. Every offer can also fully balance the customer’s shopping propensities with the multiple objectives and constraints of the business (product, brand, enterprise) and its trade promotion partners.

This white paper examines seven essentials for transforming the potential of Big Data into best marketing decision—what we’re calling “Big Marketing.” It covers:

  • Why now is the moment of opportunity
  • How Big Data techniques help overcome data silo obstacles to make customer-level decisions
  • Creating intelligent behavioral triggers that outperform simple business rules
  • Getting answers to “million dollar” marketing questions that increase ROI
  • Keys to making Big Data analytic insights immediately useful in operations

Download the Insights paper: From Big Data to Big Marketing: Seven Essentials

Source:  FICO