The 7th World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference ended on Tuesday September 28th in the City of Berlin with the attendance of over 200 delegates from every part of the Globe.  Two days of solid rain did not dampen the spirit of the attendees and there were many opportunities for networking and exchanging views.  

The conference is a bi-annual affair and the last World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference was held in Rio in 2008 while the credit crunch was in full swing.   In the meantime the industry has taken stock and is facing increased regulation partly in response to irresponsible lending.  Not surprisingly one of the key themes at the conference was responsible lending and a call for a balance approach to regulations.  Other key topics were consumer education, transparency of the consumer credit reporting industry, services and standards.  Reducing over-indebtedness of consumers was seen to be an important element in consumer credit reporting. 

BIIA Newsletter October I – 2010 Issue