BIIA has learned that Gareth Dowding, Manager of the Atradius Information Procurement Unit will retire at the end of the year.  Gareth was managing a team of information specialists based in the Netherlands and UK, who have various regional responsibilities, supporting the Atradius information strategy and requirements.  Thus Gareth is well known in the credit information industry.

Gareth worked in the Credit Insurance industry for 28 years, initially underwriting risk in the USA and then monitoring economies and reinsurance for the British Governments ECGD. After the purchase of ECGD by NCM, he formed a team to oversee the information requirement for the NCM group, and for the last 15 years worked on the information procurement worldwide for NCM, Gerling NCM and Atradius.

“Gareth was a great professional with unrivalled negotiation skills: in undertaking the management of information procurement over 2 decades, he had experience of information supply in all countries around the world: from Asia to the Americas Gareth had built a powerful and successful network to the success of Atradius in the business Information field;” – according to his manager Vincent Bert.

Gareth:  The membership of BIIA shall miss you and we wish you good luck in your retirement.