• GBG’s location intelligence solution, Loqate, integrates what3words to offer increased efficiency, expansion in new markets, and better customer experience

  • Consumers will be able to input their what3words address for delivery in the check-out field, accurate to 3m x 3m

  • It means that everywhere – exact side doors, back entrances, delivery spots and loading bays can be communicated in just three words

GBG (GBG:AIM), the global specialist in Identity Data Intelligence, has announced a collaboration with location technology company, what3words, to enhance location data for retailers and logistic companies, enabling them to reach consumers in highly dense populations and traditionally ‘hard-to-find’ markets.

GBG’s location intelligence solution, Loqate, is used by over 15,000 businesses around the world, including Ralph Lauren, ASOS and GymShark. From a single, global API it combines rich data from 250+ sources to verify and validate delivery addresses in real-time, giving a seamless checkout experience and the most accurate premise-level data.

Founded in 2013, what3words provides a simple way to identify and name 3m x 3m square – anywhere in the world – with a unique three-word address. For example, ///filled.count.soap will take you to the precise front door of what3words’ London office. Another key benefit of the technology is its universal use case. Addresses aren’t standardised globally, causing mistakes and failed deliveries. Available in over 35 languages and optimised for optical character recognition (OCR) scanning, what3words smooths cross-border logistics.

The integration of what3words into Loqate’s platform is a logical step in the continued support GBG is providing customers as they expand into mega- or hard-to-reach markets where logistics and address formats can vary greatly, such as in India or China.

As well as access to Loqate’s suite of location-based services, retailers will now be able to offer consumers the option to add their what3words address at the check-out field, and from a single touchpoint. By providing more accurate and human-friendly addressing data, logistics companies will be able to deliver to the correct place, first time, and without the need for asking for additional directions.

With every failed delivery costing retailers across the UK, US and Germany an average of $17.78, businesses need to ensure they are efficiently reaching every customer, every time in order to stay competitive.

David Green, Managing Director at Loqate, a GBG Solution, says: “As consumers, we demand more from our online services than ever before – we expect everything to be quick, easy and convenient. Slick customer experience and trust has never been more important.

At Loqate, we take pride in being at the centre of the location universe, providing the world’s most trusted location data. Our collaboration with what3words means greater access to location data in countries with poor existing address systems, without having to ask our customers to integrate multiple technologies into their online checkouts or systems. We’re thrilled to be building out this capability with what3words and look forward to launching early next year.”

Chris Sheldrick, Co-Founder and CEO at what3words, says, “We are very excited about the potential of our collaboration with GBG – a global leader in location data and technology. By integrating what3words, Loqate has further enhanced the data available to retailers and logistics companies, enabling more precise and faster deliveries anywhere in the world with just 3 words”

Source:  GBG Press Release