New data visualisation tool means organisations can make quick, intelligent decisions about their customers

GBG, the global specialist in identity data intelligence, announces the release of its data visualisation tool, to help organisations quickly identify trends, patterns and correlations in their data and make intelligent decisions about their customers.

‘Visualise by GBG Connexus’ was created by the team behind the award-winning GBG Connexus solution, used by some of the world’s largest businesses to trace, investigate and confirm the identities of individuals, by combining personal, transactional, official and digital data.

It is widely agreed by analysts that the size of the digital world will double every two years. With an infinite amount of data available, Visualise by GBG Connexus enables organisations to make the most of the intelligence at their disposal and cut through the noise, effectively saving time, money and ultimately giving clarity in decision making.

Josef Thoma, General Manager, Trace & Investigate at GBG says: “Our customers told us how much they valued the data we provide through Connexus. But the impact of having more data is that it makes it harder to analyse and often connections between people, places and businesses can be missed.  That’s why we’ve created Visualise by GBG Connexus to ensure that these connections are not missed, whilst also dramatically reducing the time spent on investigations”

The tool works by providing simple, intuitive links between more than a billion records, to present the data in a clear and concise way. By adopting Visualise by GBG Connexus, businesses can interrogate and identify relationships between people, properties, and places.

Here are some example use cases:

  • Help investigators identify and combat fraud faster than ever before
  • Save time for Police forces assisting in complex cases
  • Improve processes for debt recovery and financial institutions
  • Streamline decision making by providing clarity and excluding noise
  • Save money enabling the tracing and investigating of individuals to happen at pace

Source: GB Group Press Release