BNP Paribas Personal Finance in Spain, turns to GBG, global identity data specialist, across its commercial brand, Cetelem, to detect and prevent fraud for online customers. With over 27 million individual customers worldwide, the organisation requires sophisticated technology that can read and act upon data quickly, in order to detect fraud and deliver the frictionless banking experience its customers are accustomed to.

It also needs to successfully minimise potential losses for both the bank and the customer, in the face of ever more creative ways in which criminals try to steal money.
GBG’s award-winning application fraud solution, GBG Instinct, enables Cetelem Spain to make quick, data driven decisions on new applicants while also speeding up their credit requests.

Spain has become the latest region of the BNP Paribas Personal Finance group to implement GBG’s technology, as part of the company’s commitment to roll out the solution globally, meaning it can process incoming data in real-time so the potential fraudulent nature of a transfer can be determined in less than a few seconds.
The cutting-edge tech draws on 18 different matching algorithms to intelligently compare information provided during registration against rich layers of identity reference data. This means no delays for good customers, high fraud identification rates, and far fewer time-wasting false positives.  Ultimately, BNP Paribas Personal Finance benefits from limited fraud losses, reduced manual processes, improved operational efficiency, and stronger safeguards for protecting its reputation.

Source: GB Group Press Release