RGDS Link, a global provider of customer-centric risk management, process automation and Credit Reference Bureau solutions recently established a joint venture with Samason Global in its creation of Samason Credit Bureau Cameroon Ltd. (SCBC).

Established by Samason Global, a leading provider of project and asset management, business consultancy and printing solutions to the Cameroon region, will now deliver consumer and business credit services to local and regional lenders under the new partnership with GDS Link.

“GDS Link plays a key role in delivering the technology and market experience necessary to create, deliver and sustain this important service for the Cameroonian lending community,” said Oliver Fomunung, CEO and Managing Director. “We look forward to a long and successful partnership with GDS as we formulate the identity verification, fraud detection and credit performance services we plan to offer our customers.”  Roberto Giannantoni, Managing Partner at GDS Direct, said “Samason Credit Bureau possesses the comprehensive vision to enhance the lending practices of the Cameroonian lenders. We look forward to delivering our international credit bureau solution that has been successfully deployed over many years of our international presence. Our ongoing collaboration with SCBC will ensure that their services evolve with the needs of the markets they serve. This initiative will further strengthen our position in West Africa, where we maintain a successful operation in Ghana”

About GDS Link LLC: GDS Link is a global provider of customer-centric risk management and process automation solutions. The company specializes in advanced software designed to support the access and aggregation of disparate data sources and the rapid implementation of custom credit scorecard models and risk management policies. Its technology acts as the enabler for organizations to effectively manage the risk of their customer throughout its lifecycle. Familiar with the large investments made by institutions in their legacy applications, GDS Link’s flagship solution, DataView360® was architected to derive continued value from these systems while delivering enhanced function and flexibility to the risk management community.  GDS is also an expert supplier of Credit Reference Bureau system and Credit Bureau value added products.

For more information, visit www.gdslink.com