In the previous update for The Global 5000 database, the company took the revenue from all of the 5000 companies and examined the totals by industry group and by country. That view was a country view and showed for each of the top 20 countries (by global revenue) which industries were the largest and therefore provided the biggest opportunity.

In the latest example Global 5000 flip the data and instead of the country view, it takes an industry view. Pick an industry and look for the green cells that show which countries are the biggest. No surprise that the US (the largest economy in the world) shows up green across the board. China, Japan and UK are all among the next group with a lot of green showing.

One can see some interesting specifics by looking down the columns. Look at the first column – Autos & Trucks – Germany is one of the standouts which make the Volkswagen scandal all the more important.  It will affect the company of course, the industry will likely see shifts but the larger impact may be for the country overall as so much of the economy is centered around the auto industry and VW is at that center in Germany.

That is but one example of the stories in the data behind this heat map.


Source:  Global 5000