Global 5000 added a search feature and one can now search for companies in the database and look at individual profiles — check out the search function here — SEARCH

Corporate Education & Training

Global 5000 have updated the Corporate Education & Training spending estimates for all the records in the database. The data is based on survey research that generated averages of spending by industry (vertical markets) and number of employees by various regions of the world.  From this data, Global 5000 selected the top 500 Corporate Training spenders.  Also added is a file of the Top 1000 US training spenders. You can read more on the web page for this top 500 group — or the Top 1000 US companies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Each month there will be a report on significant M&A activities which is always interesting to watch. Those movements are important to keeping a database current as well as helping account management sales teams stay current with their accounts.  Global 5000 post the list of names and activities each month – here’s the latest post

Aligning with other sources

Each year, both Fortune and Forbes publish lists of the largest Global, US and Private companies.  Global 5000 check those sources when published and actually code The Global 5000 database with those rankings as another way to keep in synch with the market.  Over time, Global 5000 expect to expand this activity and search out other lists that are published.

Source:  Global 5000