Global 5,000 is winding down toward year end, and has already started recording 2018 revenue for companies that have Fiscal Years between June and December – their revenue is counted in the current year. Approximately 450 companies fit that profile.

Global 5,000 wraps up the year with a couple of interesting facts about this database and the top 5,000 companies.

  • Our database currency is at 100% where every company has been updated in the past 12 months.
  • Minimum annual revenue for a company to be in the top 5,000 is now over $700 million.
  • Total revenue for the Global 5000 is $55 trillion which represents the bulk of global GDP.
  • Total employees by these firms is 152 mill – nearly the size of the total US workforce.

Contacts are now available for US companies in the database. Global 5,000 has now matched & appended over 50,000 contacts in 5 key functions – – C-Suite, Marketing, Finance, Technology and HR.

There have been a number of mergers this year as well a spin-offs.  Recently we added 3 companies with no reported revenue yet – these are spin-off that happened during the year.  They are big enough and will be included in the database update which you will see at the end of the month.

  • Residio Technologies, Inc. spun out of Honeywell
  • Coles Group spun out of Wesfarmers
  • Brighthouse Financial from MetLife

We are always checking lists and matching up to the database to ensure we don’t miss any potential candidates. On that front, Forbes once again published its list of private companies — 229 US companies.

About:  The Global 5000 is a researched & compiled database with a goal of finding the 5000 largest companies in the world.  Based on revenue/sales generated, The Global 5000 contains both public and private companies, covering all industries in all countries.

Global 5,000 go beyond existing lists and rankings of products like the Fortune 1000 or Forbes private rankings.

Source:  Global 5000 database