Marketing A@At the end of December 2014, Global 5000 closed the year with 4,506 active records in the database. The total revenue now represented by The Global 5000 companies exceeds $53 trillion – an amazing concentration of size and buying power in one marketing database.

During the year, the company added 209 companies and removed 81 others as companies merged, were acquired or in some cases, revenue fell off to where they were no longer large enough to be included.

Like any marketing database, it takes constant tending and for market planners it requires constant adjusting.  This affects how you go to market, which companies to target and where to try and engage.  Even social media can feel like a blast these days – much like email used to be.  Targeting is needed and focusing on your target markets is essential.  It also means that your account teams need to stay on their toes and adjust as well.

This is what Global 5000 aims to do with The Global 5000 database where it identifies the big targets – the largest companies in the world with the biggest budgets.

About:  ‘Global5000’ was launched in 2011 by Harry Henry, an affiliate of Outsell Inc., ‘Global 5000’ is a researched and compiled database of the 5000 largest companies in the world.  One can view his profile here – Questions? — He can be reached at

Source:   The Global 5000