Harry Henry, founder of the Global 5000 Database, has provided BIIA with an update:

During the quarter we added 60 new companies to the database and deleted 62 records primarily due to M&A activity.  Also, during the quarter, 1,719 records we updated.  The currency level of the database remains at 99% — meaning over 99% of the records have been updated in the past 12 months.

Our research focus for the quarter has been on the Nordic region and in the Blue Cross Blue Shield system.

In the Nordics, we found 13 companies (both public and private) with enough revenue to add to the Global 5000. With that, we also dug into the data to look at what portion of the overall market is represented in those four countries – you can find that analysis in this article on the site.

The Blue Cross system is interesting in that there is not one large organization where all revenue & organization functions are rolled up.  Rather, they license the name and the business to individual entities in each state.  In some cases, these are standalone businesses and in some cases, the licensee is a large health care insurer like Anthem.  There are 36 entities in total and we have completed the research on nearly all of them at this point and have now added 20 new records to the Global 5000.

During the quarter, we have been very active with some CRM systems and have imported the Global 5000 companies into different CRM applications as the main account record.  Very interesting feedback and comments from marketing managers re: what is in their CRM system —and we wrote a blog on the topic.  And, we updated the records in the free search site this quarter.  If you haven’t taken a look – you can find it here http://search.theglobal5000.com/.  Gives a nice peek at the records in the Global 5000 database.

About: The Global 5000 is a researched and compiled database of the 5000 largest companies in the world based on revenue generated, The Global 5000 contains both public and private companies, covering all industries in all countries. We go beyond existing lists and rankings of products like the Fortune 1000 or Forbes private rankings. There are 5,000 active, updated companies in the database.  We include companies from all countries — from the 2,155 companies in the US to 1 from Belarus for example.

The Global 5000 is an independent effort created by Harry Henry. You can view his profile here – Questions? — contact us at harryhenry@theglobal5000.com  You can see sample sites/records here – Global 5000 sample records April 2017.

Source:  Harry Henry, Global 5000