News from the Global 5000 database at the end of 2017:  During the fourth quarter Global 5000 added 30 new companies to the database bringing our total new adds for the year to 216.  Also, during the quarter, 1,039 records we updated and over 6,100 records were researched and updated during the year.  The currency level of the database is now at 100% — meaning all of the records have been updated in the past 12 months.

In addition to getting the database to 100% currency, our research focus for the quarter has been in 2 areas:

  • More frequent updates when transactions (typically acquisitions) are finalized. Rather than wait a full year/update cycle we will move to merge the companies when the transactions are finalized and add the next new company in the current month.
  • Discovering the next tier companies in every industry and segment.  Currently we strive for the top 5,000 across all industries and it is becoming clear over the past few years that their revenue growth (in total) is flattening. In order to find the next wave of fast growth businesses, we need to look deeper in each segment.  That will be the focus for 2018

Global 5000 closed the year with 1,127 private companies out of the total 5000. As you can imagine, researching these private firms is challenging as they are less visible than publicly traded firms — and want to stay private.  Along the research trail we have come across a number of fake business sites and URL’s spewing tons of useless information about companies, stock prices and valuations . . . and we thought that world was for the consumer & political realm. We urge caution as you do your own research.

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