Global 5000 database has completed its latest update  at the end of June and end of Q2. For this quarter, 990 records were updated including 60 new companies added. For the past 12 months, all 5,000 records have been updated and 220 new companies were added and are now part of the Global 5000.

Founder Harry Henry stated:  “The Fortune 500 (and 1000) was published and we have matched that list up with the Global 5000 to ensure we have all those companies (and we do). This is the same process we use for a number of published lists — Forbes, Inc., Financial Times, etc.

Next up – we are embarking on a new, related effort by building a deeper set of data in the food industry. Currently, there are 263 Food & Beverage companies in the Global 5000. Over the next few months we will be constructing the Food Industry 1000. Naturally, these will be smaller companies and not part of the Global 5000 but we expect to improve the segmentation of the Food & Beverage industry data. Stay tuned in the coming months as we dive into this new research.

File this under the heading of “Don’t Let the Facts Get in the Way of Good Emotional Press” — We continue to see mention of the words Amazon and Monopoly in the same article and we continue to wonder why. Amazon’s technology has changed retail – no doubt about it.  But why don’t we hear about Walmart?  Amazon’s revenue for 2018 was $232 billion up from $177 billion a year ago. Impressive.  But Walmart’s revenue sits at $514 billion – more than twice that of Amazon.  Plus Walmart has been the largest company in the world for years now.”

Source:  Harry Henry