Global communications networkThe Global 5000 database recently published its 2015 update:

During 2015, 355 new companies were added to The Global 5000 and and 154 were removed as companies merged, were acquired or in some cases, revenue fell off to where they were no longer large enough to be included. Over the course of the year, we researched and updated over 5,600 records.

Financial results for 2015 will start rolling in shortly and the update process will continue and be in full swing by mid-March. Once again, we expect another active year of M&A’s as overall growth slows and large companies will look to acquisitions for growth – Dell/EMC and duPont/Dow are good examples of what we can expect.

One thing we have noticed when looking at the overall industry stats, is how the Global 5000 companies (and overall economy) growth is slowing.    This article spells out the details.

For further information visit the Global 5000 web site, please go to The Global 5000.