The Global 5000 Database announced an update activity for the Global 5000 database for year-end of 2016.

Global 5000 have now achieved the goal of a full 5,000 records that are active, researched and updated within the past 12 months. As it discovers new companies with significant revenue, it will start raising the bottom floor for annual revenues (currently at $500 million) to be included in the Global 5000.

Harry Henry, founder of Global 5000 stated: “During Q4 we added 147 new companies to the database and deleted 57 records primarily due to M&A activity.  For the year, we added 467 records and removed 172. I expect this addition rate to slow as it is getting more challenging to find new companies at this size that we don’t already have.

Continuing to match various published lists, we completed a match and comparison to the Forbes Global 2000 – Forbes’ ranking of 2000 public companies around the world.

Our free search site for the Global 5000 where you can view the profiles of companies in the database was updated during the quarter. Take a look and select by company, industry group or country and a range of variables.

AND announcing — I am pleased to announce we have stated building a new database of FinTech companies. The FinTech Dynamic db has over 650 FinTech companies along with 1100+ Financial Services firms we have been tracking in the Global 5000.

You can find out more information and ongoing updates on the web site —

Source:  The Global 5000