Harry Henry, CEO and Founder of theglobal5000.com has sent BIIA an update on the status of Global 5000

As Global 5000 closed in on the end of May, its updating process continues with most of the revenue updates for December FY 2018 completed. Companies with FY in February and March are now filing their financials for the past year and we are starting on those.
To date, in 2019, Global 5000 has updated over 2,200 records and our currency remains at 100% with all records having been updated within the past 12 months. In the past 12 months over 200 companies have been newly added to the Global 5000.
Harry Henry stated:  “The Fortune 500 was just published this past week and to answer a common question we get  —  YES, all those companies are included in the Global 5000. We match that list every year to ensure we haven’t overlooked any companies. As a reminder, the Fortune 500 (and 1000) are the largest US based public companies. The Global 5000 includes US and International companies that are both public & private.
Learned of a great use case involving ABM and the Global 5000 this month. The company is selling enterprise-based services and has collected a trove of email names in their CRM from various marketing promotions & campaigns . . . but had no corporate data/metrics about their companies. Their desire was to implement an ABM strategy where the teams would focus on the largest companies. In order to identify those, they used the Global 5000 and matched the company names and URL to the individual contact records and applied the Global 5000 data fields to their CRM records. Got a great start on handling those large, potential accounts.

As a self-professed ‘data guy’ I enjoy having all this data from the Global 5000 database and using the data to analyze & explain happenings in the market. Two recent published articles illustrate the point –

  • In the past few years we heard/read that the money invested in FinTech start-ups would revolutionize the financial industry and have a major impact on the banking community. That may have been a tad aggressive and we are still waiting on that impact – read this article.
  • When Chevron announced they were going to acquire Anadarko (before they were overbid by Occidental (and Buffett’s money) we took a look at the ups & downs of the Oil & Gas industry revenues. Speculation has been that an Anadarko acquisition may be only the first of a number dominos that will fall in this industry. The whole profile could change. Take a look at the ups & downs of the Oil & Gas industry.”

Harry Henry appreciates your interest in and support of the research involved in the Global 5000 database and he welcomes questions, comments or feedback.  theglobal5000.com

Source:  Global 5000