Global 5000 recently announced its update for the first quarter of 2019 and it is frantically working on updating all the 2018 revenue and employee totals . . . here are a few key items from the Global 5000

  • Over 920 companies will be updated during Q1
  • 45 new companies added – most of them to replace those have been acquired or merged

These two points are key for those companies using ABM concepts in their marketing & sales activities. Data quality and clean data are a requirement. Without constant attention to corporate data problems exist. To emphasize this point and a peek ‘under the hood’ – check out this post where Global 5000 itemized all the transactions posted during a recent week.

During the quarter, here are some of the biggest companies removed from the database.

  • Express Scripts ($100 billion) was acquired by Cigna
  • Aetna ($60 billion) was acquired by CVS
  • Andeavor ($30 billion) was acquired by Marathon Petroleum
  • Time Warner ($30 billion) acquired by AT&T
  • Twenty-First Century Fox ($30 billion) acquired by Disney
  • Shire ($17 billion) acquired by Takeda Pharmaceutical

And so on – these are unprecedented levels of very large firms being acquired.

A couple of other interesting facts about this database based on questions we frequently get:

  • Of the 5,000 companies, over 1100 are private firms
  • 2060 are in USA
  • Total revenue for these 5,000 companies exceeds $55 trillion
  • Financial Services is the largest industry with 890 companies in the Global 5000

Global 5000 always finds some interesting news where the data in the Global 5000 can shed light on a story. In the past few weeks, seems like Amazon in everyone’s sights.  In many cases, it is all emotion … no facts.  Check Global 5000 post about Amazon, data be damned.  It’s all about emotion and the news.

Global 5000 appreciates your interest in and support of the research involved in the Global 5000 database.   To contact Harry Henry at Global Contact you can reach him at:

Source:  Global 5000