During the first half of 2015 Global 5000 has noticed a tremendous amount of M&A activity.  The total revenue now represented by The Global 5000 companies exceeds $58 trillion – an amazing concentration of size and buying power in one marketing database. Based on overall worldwide figures we have seen in the press, this represents about 70% of the global GDP.

During the past 6 months, Global 5000 added 104 new companies to The Global 5000 and removed 87 others as companies merged, were acquired or in some cases, revenue fell off to where they were no longer large enough to be included.  Based on recent market activity (companies like Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, eBay and Chubb for example) we can expect to see the level of churn increase over the rest of the year.  All the more reason to keep internal databases fresh & up to date.

  • Global 5000 reorganized the healthcare market segments into 4 categories – Providers, Health Plans, Medical equipment and Pharma/biotech.
  • A major focus the past few months has been on updating the database for Swiss companies and there are now the ‘Top 100 Switzerland’ based companies in the database.
  • Fortune has published its 500 and Global 500 – those companies are all included in The Global 5000 database.

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