As indicated in previous BIIA Newsletter issues there appears to be serious interest in dealing with the standardization of addresses around the globe.  BIIA affiliate ‘The Prescott Report” has recently initiated the formation of a global address association. 

The mission of the global address association is to meet significant needs to globalize the “address industry” and improve the state of address data availability and hygiene in the postal and business worlds.  Surrounding those goals is a myriad of related issues that impact the subject of the address, which I believe are appropriately included in the mission.  These include digital data and identifiers of all kinds (email addresses, mobile phone numbers, IP addresses, lat/long), which are emerging as important tools. 

The first report on progress in forming the association has been posted on the home page at and on the new website of the association at The report details the aggressive work agenda set out for the coming six months.   Source: Editor, Prescott Report

BIIA Newsletter June II – Issue