The Global Address Data Association, Inc. has been incorporated in the State of New York.  The new association is the brain child of Charles Prescott, a direct marketing veteran, who has assumed the position of managing director of the organization. 

According to its website the mission of the Association is to support through research, advocacy and educational programs the following propositions:

  • that the possession of an address is a fundamental human right which enables and empowers individuals to participate fully in the social, political, and economic life of their communities and nations;
  • that it is the obligation of governments to assure that every individual may obtain an address that will enable them to so participate;
  • that businesses, governments, non-profit organizations and other institutions which must communicate with identifiable individuals, have an obligation to maintain records with correct addresses for such individuals;
  • that it is critical for economic, social, and political health of societies that all postal systems develop and maintain address systems and change of address systems through which individuals may be contacted;
  • that address systems and addresses be consistent, functional, and accessible by all parties with a legitimate need to communicate with such individuals regardless of where such parties may be located;
  • that addresses come in different forms, representing different views of geophysical space drawn for different purposes, all of which are of interest and concern to this Association;
  • that the address-user community as a whole is entitled to knowledgeable and professional representation when their interests are affected by government action or inaction

Prescott will be speaking at the Universal Postal Union Nairobi Postal Strategy Conference on the subject of:  “Addressing the world: an Address for Everyone”.  His message will be the need for expansion of the world’s address systems, enrichment of the content of addresses, better and more equitable commercialization of address data, and the global implementation of universally accessible change of address systems.  Source:  The Prescott Report

BIIA Newsletter October II – 2010 Issue