Amongst the many newcomers in Asia’s e-commerce and b2b online media, Global Sources is the second largest after Alibaba.  Global Sources’ network covers more than 60 cities worldwide. In mainland China, Global Sources has about 2,700 team members in more than 40 locations, and a community of over 2 million registered online users and magazine readers for its Chinese-language media.

Verified Suppliers: When one sees the Verified Supplier mark, it means that the supplier has been visited in-person at least three times by the Global Sources QC team to confirm their information. 

Star Rankings: Each Global Sources supplier is ranked from one to six stars based on the amount of information they’ve provided for verification. Higher rankings are also an indicator of a supplier’s financial strength and commitment to exporting. Star rankings give a quick way to find and compare suppliers. 

Credit Check: Global Sources offer the industry’s most complete credit reporting service covering up to 12 key business areas. Provided by Sinotrust and First Advantage – two of the most trusted names in Asia’s B2B risk management industry.   

Supplier Audits: Confirm details about a supplier’s operations, production capabilities, QC processes and management and more. Offered through Bureau Veritas, the worldwide leader in verification services. Product inspections are also offered by request.  

These combined activities will lead over time to a huge knowledge base of content on suppliers and buyers.  Competing with such a knowledge base may eventually be a challenge for traditional b2b information suppliers.