“Global E-Tailing 2025” is the first scenario study with a focus on global trends and developments in the e-commerce sector and their likely impact on the logistics industry over the next eleven years.   By Deutsche Post DHLLogistics iStock_000023096180Small

By means of four future scenarios, the “Global E-Tailing 2025” study describes the role which electronic retailing will play in people’s lives in the year 2025, how international online retailing will change consumer behavior and thus the world of retailing as a whole, and what challenges the logistics industry will then be faced with.

The four exploratory future scenarios have been developed on the basis of a global, medium-term perspective; they are not intended to be precise forecasts of the future.

Rather, with the description of these future scenarios for the year 2025 the study aims to initiate a dialog about the future of electronic retailing and the implications for the logistics industry.

This look ahead to the future is enhanced by several essays written by well-known experts in the fields of research and practice and also by interviews with managers in the logistics and retail sectors.

The primary focus here is on trends and developments which are already highly significant and which will have a growing influence on consumerism, retailing and logistics in the course of the next eleven years.

The study also examines a number of future-oriented best-practice solutions already implemented by Deutsche Post DHL in order to demonstrate the development capabilities which increased electronic retailing offers for the logistics industry.

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Source:  SupplyChain 247