Global5000 provided BIIA with an update of its latest activities.   This is the height of the earnings reporting season and Global5000 are busy updating the records with new financial results and employee counts as they come flooding in.  In addition, Global5000 has completed a number of initiatives:

News ISP and Communications Data:  Global5000 has developed a set of data to identify ISP’s and telecom carriers with the accounts they service.  It has matched 1,200 Global 5000 accounts with their internet carriers and now has that data available for those Global 5000 records.  For example, one can see the 215 Global 5000 accounts served by CenturyLink or 387 AT&T accounts.  It is a very interesting set of data for competitive analysis and sales account planning.  More details are on this page:

Mergers & Acquisitions: Each month Global5000 reports on significant M&A activities which are always interesting to watch. Those movements are important to keeping a database current as well as helping account management sales teams stay current with their accounts.  There were 23 of these major events in February.  Global500 posts the list of names each month – here’s the latest:

Source: Global5000