Global5000 Database announced that it has now 4,193 active records on file representing $42 trillion (USD) of revenue and 116 million employees. The revenue per employee for these top companies in the world is over $357,000.  Over 10% of the employees have LinkedIn profiles.

The top 10 companies (by revenue) in the world are:  Wal-Mart Stores, Exxon Mobile, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, China Petroleum & Chemical, State Grid (China), PetroChina Ltd, Toyota Motor, Japan Post and Chevron

Global5000 companies saw revenue growth in 2007 of 13.1% followed by 10.1% in 2008 and then a reduction in 2009 of 9.2%.  In 2010 total revenue grew again by 10.2% and then again by  12.9% in 2011 as the economy recovered.

Global5000 updates company records by adding the latest results for revenue and employees as well as researching and adding new records and tracking M&A activity.  During Q3, 67 new companies were added to the database.  Additionally, each month Global5000 reports on significant M&A activities.  There were 13 transactions in September nad another 18 in October.

One area that gets a lot of attention these days are private companies as many firms are looking for those hidden opportunities.  Global5000 have over 700 private firms in The Global 5000 database.

Global5000 companies represent nearly $1.5 trillion in annual spending.   Global5000 has been refining its estimates of IT spending for companies which it has on record.

Source:  Global5000