Globas System, maintained by BIIA member Credinform has been ranked second in recent rankings of Russian b2b information solutions providers published by RAEX Analytics Rating Agency. Congratulations!

RAEX used 18 criteria in its assessment of 21 local information providers:  Available tools, data completeness and other options required for company credit checks, due diligence and macroeconomic analysis.

RAEX employed three groups of professionals for its rankings: Business analysts, financial professionals (CFO’s, credit managers) and journalists.

Business analysts focused on the ease of integration of data into corporate ERP or CRM systems.  For example, the application of the state of the art analytics tools contained in the Globas.API system, permitting the analysis of bulk company, received high marks.

Financial professionals gave high rankings on solutions, which offered up-to-date data, comprehensiveness, leading to accurate analysis.  By using official public sector information sources, including financial and non-financial data, enables Globas to provide reliable information and credit scores.  Constant calibration of credit scores based on financial and economic conditions, provides a high level of confidence in the assessment of buyers, sellers and business partners.

Journalists focused their attention to ease of use of solutions and options to find links between companies and identify owners.  Globas provides data on shareholders with historical data on ownership, beneficial owners with direct and indirect shares, foreign shareholders as well as local and cross-border linkages.

Ranking – leading information and analytical solutions for Russian companies credit checks and business intelligence

*5 – highest grade, 0 – lowest grade
**5 – lowest price level, 0 – highest price level
Source: RAEX rating agency (“RAEX analytics”), 18.03.2020

Globas contains analytical tools required for prompt and professional analysis of Russian business partners. The solution is used by credit risk managers  and analysts, CFOs, compliance professionals, economists, lawyers, marketing experts and business security staff .

Users can search potential buyers & suppliers, access financials, check solvency and credit limit, gain insight into a company’s ownership structure and business linkages, historical data on CEOs/shareholders, perform litigation check and access data on public procurements.

The professional staff of Credinform is ready to assist in identifying a company of interest and provide freshly investigated Russian company credit reports.

In 2020 the local provider Credinform Rus continues to develop new analytical tools and add new sources to provide the highest quality service for credit risk management and company intelligence when doing business in and with Russia.

Today, a relevant and credible information is more valuable than ever.

Source: Credinform Russia /GB/Globas