On July 20, 2010 ACSI  (American Customer Satisfaction Index), in conjunction with ForeSee Results, released its annual e-business report which details US customer satisfaction ratings across internet portals and search engines, news and information, and this year includes social media websites. The report is based on data from roughly 70,000 consumers and the rankings are converted to a 100 point scale.

Ned May, Vice President & Lead Analyst of Outsell Inc states in his recent Outsell Insights (July 22, 2010) “The report reveals some striking data around customer satisfaction and online properties.  First, while Google still ranks at the top of the portals and search engines category, the company’s satisfaction rating dropped 7% from the prior year. Furthermore, among the other search engines individually ranked, Microsoft’s new entrant Bing [2] had the second highest rating.  Perhaps more surprising, the rating of the category of “all others” surpassed even Google as it rose 5% from the prior yearIt appears US consumers are more satisfied today with small boutique search engines then they are with Google or any of the other top five.”

“The results suggest that Google’s lead and dominance in search might not be insurmountable, and Facebook’s meteoric rise may be at risk.  It is also possible that web search in general is losing ground as a starting point as users find, gather, and consume data in new ways, which brings into questioning the notion that social media sites will play an increasingly large role in the search for information.”   “Given the rapid rise of these networks and the associated connectivity they bring, users will increasingly gather information they need via trusted channels rather than having to search for it themselves.”

To read the full Outsell Insight contact:  http://www.outsellinc.com/services/insights_about

BIIA Newsletter July II – 2010 Issue