A commentary by Infocommerce.com carried the headline “Chrome Goes for the Gold”, but the author thought that the test version release of Chrome may not get the Gold medal, but it certainly earned Silver.

A German press commentary however was less complimentary and called the new release “SCRATCHED CHROME”.  This is based on the fact that as soon as Google’s Internet Browser “Chrome” was released IT experts detected significant gaps in Chrome’s security system. Experts therefore warn users not to use Chrome in their regular work environment / PC workstations or on computers with sensitive data. After all Chrome is a just a Beta version and should be treated as such. Perhaps Google is now busy patching up Chrome’s security gaps.  Caveat emptor: “Let the buyer beware”.   Source Info: Commerce Group Inc. and WirtschaftsWoche

Ned May, Director & Lead Analyst of Outsell Inc. (BIIA Member) has the following to say about the latest Google move: “While Google’s justifications for the development of the new browser are sound, they omit one critical element required of success – customer demand.  This is not the first time Google has built a new product believing folks will simply come en masse, yet to date the company has had nothing close to the level of success it enjoys with its search products; conversely, the majority of its new products have struggled to gain any significant share.  Regardless of whether it’s a far superior idea and approach, it is simply not compelling enough for users to switch. If anyone ought to understand this need by now it should be Google, which continues to dominate and gain share in web search despite more interesting alternatives emerging each day.” 

Source: Outsell Inc.

BIIA Newsletter September 2008 Issue