Google announced that it would launch a HK$100 million (US$13 million) investment plan targeting Hong Kong-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to provide them with search engine marketing solutions.  The initiative named, “Google Online Marketing: Exploring New Business Opportunities” will target more than 270,000 SMEs in Hong Kong.

A Marketing-interactive article quoted John Liu, vice president of sales, Greater China Region for Google; SMEs “should take advantage of this opportunity to look for innovative, cost-effective and flexible ways to market themselves and their product offerings.”  As part of the initiative, Google will offer a one month free trial of its Adwords platform and provide the SMEs with online marketing training including helping businesses upgrade their websites, select search keywords, track web traffic and analyze consumer behavior. Google recently launched a similar campaign in mainland China targeting the SME sector there. As part of that initiative, Google held a 27 city road show across China to promote the initiative.   Source: Marketing-Interactive article

BIIA Newsletter January 2010 Issue