Google caved in admitting its privacy blunder and will be handing over rogue data to regulators

Google said it would hand over to European regulators all data intercepted from private WiFi internet connection, which its Street View service crews collected.   Google’s CEO Schmidt said in an interview with the Financial Times: “We screwed up.  Let’s be very clear about that.”   He did not discount the possibility that bank information and private correspondence was collected.

Google will conduct an internal review into privacy practices, but stated it would not change its company culture allowing its engineers to create new products and to pursue its mission to index all of the world’s information.     Schmidt did not comment about safeguards concerning potential future privacy infringements.    Source: Financial Times

BIIA is concerned that the next accident is bound to happen, subsequently followed by a mea culpa with the hope that all will be forgiven.   We believe there will be collateral damage for all information companies who collect data for legitimate purposes.