The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has won a resolution in Warsaw to lead to greater coordination between global data protection and privacy authorities.  Christopher Graham is the co-chairman of the International Enforcement Coordination Working Group (IECWG) and reported on its work at a recent conference.

Christopher Graham commented:  “Data protection has to be effective across borders. The service providers today are often global players. The applications know no borders. The data protection regulatory community can only be effective if we work together across jurisdictions.”  “We are making great strides forward in enforcement coordination. The Warsaw conference saw further progress on this vital task”.

The ICO has summarized that the resolution seeks:

  • That the IECWG works with other networks to develop a common approach to cross-border case handling and enforcement. This intends to address the sharing of enforcement related information
  • To encourage privacy enforcement authorities to look for opportunities to cooperate in certain cross-border investigations
  • To support the development of a platform offering ‘safe space’ for enforcement authorities to share confidential information

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