Credit Expands for the First Time in Eight Months in the US writes Dr. Chris Kuehl of Armada Corporate Intelligence:  “What has started to change is the demand for credit to purchase cars, pay for college tuition or to finance other big ticket items. This is generally good news as far as the consumer is concerned as this suggests that more people are willing to bet that their financial future will be rosy enough to support these purchases”.

Credit Manager Index (CMI) Shows Resurgent Growth:  The index improved dramatically in the last month and for the best of reasons. That is good news for credit information suppliers as new credit applications drives demand for information.  Source:  NACM

All Major Industry Players Reported a Return to Growth in their Q3/2010 Results: Growth in Credit and Financial Information in North American markets is still somewhat elusive. However overall growth can be attributed to diversity in services and geography. 

Equifax had a good quarter:  Management attributed this to acquisitions in related sectors such as HR services (TALX), investment in analytics and product development.  In regard to strong growth in commercial solutions Equifax’s CEO stated it was the result of gaining market share. With regulatory uncertainties behind them, credit rating services are starting to recover.   Notwithstanding the uplift of the third quarter all CEOs remain cautious about future prospects.

BIIA Newsletter November I – 2010 Issue