Ratingplatform Cover 2014 Guide to EU rating marketRatingplatform recently published “2014 Guide to the European Rating Market”.

This guide covers all ESMA registered, certified or exempted CRA and provides information on the business model of each of these players (market segments covered, number of ratings according to CEREP, revenues, employees). In addition, we guide includes a section on the regulatory framework applicable on CRAs from an issuer and investors perspective. We inform about the evolving framework on ECAI ratings as well as the ECB’s ECAF system.

This 78 pages report is meant for the following parties: Issuers intending to engage a rating agency, banks, rating advisors, financial advisors and users of ratings.

The Guide costs EUR 250,- (excl. VAT). The applicable VAT rate in Austria is 20%. For Clients domiciled in the EU, if you can provide your valid VAT- ID, we shall issue the invoice without VAT. For Clients based outside of the EU, no VAT is charged.

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