Ratingplatform Cover 2014 Global Rating GuideRatingplatform have released a ‘Guide to the Global Rating Market’.   Following the release of the European Rating Market, Ratingplatform have now extended their research to produce the first global guide on Credit Rating Agencies.  While Ratingplatform have identified more 100+ agencies globally, the report outlines the business profile, coverage, registration status (incl. ECAI and mapping when available) for currently about half of these players.

The report covers 39 jurisdictions providing information on the registered players, the supervisors, the disclosures requirements by CRAs and if available the mapping of ECAI ratings.  For several countries, we calculate market shares of CRAs according to revenues, number of ratings or number of employees.

The report is available for EUR 750.00(excluding VAT)

For competent Authorities responsible for supervising CRAs, the guide is available for free. Ratingplatform may disclose the names of the Authorities having requested such a free copy.  VAT Rules: The applicable VAT rate in Austria is 20%. For Clients based in the EU, if you can provide your valid VAT-ID, no VAT is due. For Clients outside of the EU, no VAT is applicable.

Please find here the detailed table of content of the guide including an order form.

Source: Ratingplatform.com