Attached is Regulatory Strategies latest Newsletter highlighting what should be on our data protection – and business – radars at both a UK and EU level for 2013, in particular as the ‘new’ regulations move forward.

The one given is that there will be change. As one commentator said when the regulations were first published almost a year ago: “The aim is to elevate data protection to the level where it needs to be taken seriously by chief executives and corporate boards, as opposed to technical compliance staff.” (Christopher Kuner, Partner, Hunton & Williams LLP: Financial Times 22 January 2012).

So 2013 will certainly be a year of challenges – but also huge opportunities for organisations to build customer and stakeholder confidence by being seen to take privacy and data protection seriously and build competitive and reputational differential on the back of this.

And as you can see from this month’s Newsletter, data breaches and incidents are a constant and growing area for concern for the public and the regulator.  Regulatory Strategies had an article published on this in the UK credit industry press in December that provides a timely reminder of what you should have in place to both protect your data – and your business (see  The questions posed in the article around operational readiness to handle such an incident – which can happen to any organisation, irrespective of size of sector – are a useful checkpoint for clients.

To read the full story click on the link:  0113-newsletter

Have a compliant – and prosperous – 2013!

Mike Bradford

Mike is founder and director of Regulatory Strategies, provides a summary of what he – and many other expert data protection commentators and practitioners – feel should, and indeed must, be on the strategic radars of organizations now to ensure they are in good shape for the challenges that will come under the new EU Regulations.  Mike is BIIA’s Expert Adviser on Privacy and Regulatory Affairs.