Harte Hanks (NYSE: HHS), announces the launch of its new brand identity and corporate website. 

The marketing landscape has changed substantially over the past few years and Harte-Hanks felt it was time to reflect it in their website.  Perhaps it was the new CEO who wanted to start off with new wallpaper.

“We’re proud of the multi-year client relationships we have with some of the world’s most valuable brands,” stated Robert Philpott, chief executive officer. “As a professional marketing services company, our clients trust us to maintain the integrity of their brands, so it’s essential that we treat our brand in kind. Upon joining Harte Hanks I recognized that revitalizing our brand was a critical step in helping our clients connect with not only the services we provide but allow us to stand strong and proud alongside their brands.”

Through a combination of strategic agency services and core marketing capabilities, Harte Hanks designs, delivers and manages millions of customer interactions for its clients every day through traditional, digital, mobile and social channels. By connecting with customers and prospects through relevant and timely interactions, Harte Hanks clients experience increased customer engagement, brand awareness, as well as loyalty, which ultimately translate to the delivery of impactful and meaningful results to their businesses.

Source: Marketwired.com