Harte Hanks (1)Harte Hanks, a leader in developing customer relationships, experiences and defining interaction led marketing, today announced Total Customer Discovery, a first-of-its-kind solution that enables 360-degree profiles of target customers across multiple online and offline channels. Through the integration of smarter data and sophisticated insights, the Total Customer Discovery solution provides a richer customer view, enabling the delivery of an enhanced customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

In an era where marketing channels continue to multiple, many marketers today struggle with irrelevant and disconnected customer profile content. Total Customer Discovery solves this challenge by tracking and aggregating customer behavior and preferences across channels and devices over time, and consolidating them to deliver a complete view of the customer.

Developed primarily for the business-to-consumer and consumer goods markets, Total Customer Discovery is relevant for any brand that is eager to understand and leverage their individual customers’ usage habits and preferences over time. Total Customer Discovery enables smarter customer interactions for a better overall customer experience, leading to stronger marketing ROI and increased sales.

Source: Benzinga.com